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The Shortlist is a network of student associations. Through the Shortlist platform they connect their members with the right companies.

Our reach is over 50.000 students!

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The Shortlist platform is different!

Each student association is represented by its own board. The Shortlist gives board members the opportunity to digitally group their members. If a company connects with a student association (based on region or expertise), the company can view all profiles connected to that particular association.

This way, it is possible for companies to continuously hire members for part-time jobs, internships, traineeships and starter jobs. Board members are the gate keepers of their association. They decide which companies their members are connected with & which connection fee's they earn.

Companies can create campaigns by using Shortlist tools to promote their employer brand. Through The Shortlist, companies can engage with future employees! They are able to be part of a student's journey from the start of their study to graduation. Companies can do this by giving gifts away to the members of a student association they are interested in. Make sure students don't forget YOUR company when they start looking for a job. Remember: All the student profiles are validated by their student association!

We reach more than 50.000 students!

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