Student associations:

Connect your association with companies

Associations can search for companies to connect with.
If the board accepts the connection, a yearly fee is paid (by the company). An established connection provides the company with access to your members profiles.

The Shortlist implements a revenue sharing model based on connections made.

Earn through member matching

When a company posts a vacancy on The Shortlist, they will be given the option to notify a limited number of talents who match the criteria of that particular vacancy.

For each member of your association that receives this notification, your association will receive a share of the revenue! The Shortlist loves to share!

Promotions for students

All your members will be given access to special promotions targeted at students!

Free Beer/Wine, Drink specials at local pubs/clubs, Free meals, Free haircuts and discounts on student essential products!

Members receive company gifts

Through The Shortlist, companies are able to promote their company or brand by giving gifts (laptop, bike, phone, smart watch etc.) to the members of an association that they are interested in.

What students don't like free stuff!

Association website

Slow website? Outdated design? Pages not working as they should? The Shortlist is here to help! We can build your association a great website, which is mobile responsive, quick and easy to customize! =)

Alumni Management

Each year you will be able to transfer graduated members to your alumni pool. From there you can track, engage, launch campaigns and keep contact with your alumni.

Earn through member engagement

Through The Shortlist app, companies are able to promote themselves as an employer. For any member of your association that joins a company network through the advertisement, this generates income for your association!


Connect with student associations

Companies can search for student associations to connect with. If the board of the association accepts the connection, a yearly fee is paid, by the company, to the association.

By connecting with an association, your company will be given access to their members profiles (digital cv & assessment results).

Post Vacancies

Post a vacancy and communicate the perks of working for your company! Is your company located near a (train) station? Do you offer great sport facilities? The talents on The Shortlist want to know!

Additionally, you can reach the right talents by “pushing” your vacancy to the profiles that match the vacancy criteria.

Reach the right talents

Through The Shortlist app, you are able to post sponsored ads. The Shortlist has a big reach of students which will help you to expose your company as a cool employer!

These sponsored ads will help you reach your targeted profile of student based on what the company is looking for.

Student Promotions

Students are not only your future employees but also potential customers! Do you have a product or service that students would be interested in? Introduce them to your offering!

The better the deal you offer, the more students will show up or buy your product.

New ways to Promote

Promote your company through The Shortlist by giving gifts (laptop, bike, phone, smart watch etc.) to the members of an association that you are interested in. The gifts are only given to the amount of students of your choosing and the winner is chosen by an automatic lottery.

Find an interesting student association, choose the product & the quantity of that product you want to give away and be remembered when these students enter the labor market!