About us

At The Shortlist, we have a dedicated team who go the extra mile to ensuring that the student associations we work with can offer their members the best chance of finding the right job before they have even graduated. Our purpose is to create an online environment which provides more value to the student associations, their current corporate connections while making it super easy to find new interesting connections! With The Shortlist you have a software team that is always looking to improve and cater to the needs of the student associations and their connections with companies looking to hire and/or promote their company.

What do we do?

The Shortlist is a new and innovative platform that facilitates the connection between student associations and interested companies. The Platform we have created serves as a market place where student associations can search and filter for companies which work in a particular field or industry and company talent seekers are able to search and filter for student associations which match the profile of employee they are looking for. The Shortlist “market place” ensures that both student associations and companies can connect with the parties that are relevant to them. Based on the mutual benefits of working together, the two parties (student associations and company/talent seekers) can establish a connection for an agreed fee!

How do we do it?

Each student associations we work with can create their Shortlist page. This can be done with zero financial risk and can be set-up in no time at all. Through their personal Shortlist page, all members can sign-up, create a profile (digital CV included), use the tools available on the platform (assessments and serious games) and find the employment opportunity they are looking for. We also provide extremely effective tools and promotion material that can be used to mobilize the members of the student associations.

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Each association effectively builds up their Shortlist community (through the members signing up on their personal Shortlist page), and the board members of that student associations can search and establish new connections, through the available companies represented on the platform – our network of companies is growing every week! The Shortlist is a closed system, so only the company connections of a student associations are able to contact the members of that student associations! In short, the student associations we work with can strengthen the relationship with current company connections, establish new corporate connections and provide more employment opportunities to its members –internships, traineeships and full-time employment.

The Shortlist Mentors

These are our mentors! The golden oldies (wink) who have been through it all and are nice enough to help The Shortlist team along the way.

Bert Meerman


Anne-Marike van Arkel

van Arkel

Marco van Aarle

van Aarle

Hans van der Valk

van der Valk